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Corporate or Partnership Income Tax Return

United States IRS requires all the companies to file their business tax returns regardless of whether the company profited the previous year or not. BoswickTax is among the reliable tax return companies that offer their corporate tax preparation and return filing services quickly and easily with extensive experience in S-corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, or Sole proprietor tax return filing. Many businesses choose these legal operating structures because of the benefit of paying taxes on profits instead of owners. Corporate tax preparation can sometimes become a hurdle in daily activates of a business, and to take that burden off your shoulder, we extend our helping hand to make your life easy. We’ll prepare & file your Form 1120 or 1120S, usually within a two-hour appointment by email, Skype, or in our office, starting at $300.


Tax Advice

We offer quick solutions to our clients on several corporate tax services and business tax preparations that relates to a domestic corporation or partnership taxation rules. Our expertise lies in the vast knowledge about taxation laws and our experience in dealing with clients in this field. We make the whole process of taxation easy and quick.

We analyze and investigate your company’s fiscal condition and help you in making effective company tax return strategies. In case you come across any corporate tax return hurdle, we will also guide you on how to handle it. We always strive for most optimal fiscal solutions while considering your business objectives and your company’s legal, operational, and financial parameters. We provide a reliable and fast corporate tax service to make sure you remain compliant with the fiscal regulations within the country.

We can prepare your Form 11120 or 1120 S starting at $300, including one state return.

Services We Provide

For corporate or partnership tax return in a quick and efficient manner, we provide several services like:

• EIN Application Corporate Form 1120 Preparation
• S-Corp Form 1120S Preparation
• Partnership Form 1065 Preparation
• Authorized IRS e-filer

Throughout the year, we keep monitoring any changes in taxation laws, regulations, or court rulings to serve our clients’ corporate tax services in an effective way. Our professional taxation experts continuously attend different technical trainings to gain updated knowledge about the latest tax developments to give you a smooth service with fast results.

Planning and forecasting is the heart and soul of any business, and with the right financial data, we make effective corporate tax filing to keep your business in operating condition while remaining free from any taxation problem. We help your planning process by integrating our business tax service strategy to streamline your finances and keep your cash flow to the maximum.

Information & Documentation Needed

The necessary information needed to submit a quick corporate tax return includes name, address, date of incorporation, and information on total assets and expenses provided through your balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Other documentation needed to supply details are:

• Gross receipts
• Interest, dividends, and cost of goods sold
• Rents
• Royalties
• Capital gains

What Expenses can you deduct?

A corporation can claim some of the tax-deductible expenses against their income. Your financial office must be keeping track of all those details throughout the year and must be able to supply all the documents in case of an audit. Your deductible taxes may include:

• Salaries and compensation
• Rent, repair, and maintenance
• Charity contributions
• Advertising
• Employee benefit programs and pensions
• Other miscellaneous deductions


Amazon FBA Tax Filing

In case you are using Amazon or want to start your Amazon affiliate business, we have the expertise for Amazon FBA tax filing to report your taxes, similar to other tax streams.

Shopify Tax Filing

Shopify Tax Filing

Whether looking to initiate a Shopify store, we are more than happy to provide you with services regarding your Shopify income tax filing and returns.


Online Tax Services

BoswickTax offers its online taxation portal for clients all over the U.S. to benefit from our services.

Tax Return Services

Tax Return Services

You can use our online portals to fill out your information and let us handle all your taxation issues with ease.

Tax Deduction Consultants

Tax Deduction Consultants

U.S. taxation laws are very complicated, and we have the expert tax deduction consultants to take care of your taxation issues without any hassle.

Tax Deduction Consultants

We encourage you to take maximum benefit from our services and make all your taxation activities smooth and proper.
So, act now and schedule an email, Skype, or in-office appointment to take advantage of our quick and easy process. Once you’ve set your appointment, we’ll contact you and send an organizer outlining what you’ll need to provide for your appointment.