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Individual Tax Return Services

Completing your taxes is an essential civic duty that helps in keeping the economic cycle of the country running. It is something you have to do every year but is not a fun activity at all, and some may even argue that the process of filing a personal tax return is a tedious task. We’ll prepare & file your Form 1040, usually within an hour’s appointment via Microsoft Bookings.

BoswickTax offers its best tax services for the millions of US residents who are seeking help in reporting their taxes quickly and easily every year.

US Federal laws require an individual to file their personal tax returns along with other supporting documents to report their income. No matter where your residence is, you have to report your individual income tax return according to the laws and regulations enforced by the IRS.

Since our inception, we have offered our quick and easy personal tax services to individuals who were seeking taxation help or any creative financial solution. Individual tax returns are a form that a person submits to a federal, state, or taxation agency to report, calculate, and pay their taxes. The disclosure of information assists in the assessment of due taxes.

Some More Information

An individual tax return is a form of individual taxation service that a person, whether married or unmarried, has to report with or without dependents. Individuals need to file their returns on Form 1040 every year based on the annual income that a person makes. Additionally, if you are a sole proprietor, we’ll file your business income, and expenses on Schedule C. Individual taxpayers need to fill out the form with correct information and submit it to the relevant agency for a quick tax return.


What do we offer?

BoswickTax offers its quick and efficient personal tax services to those actively seeking any taxation advice or has any confusion in submitting their personal income returns. We can prepare your Form 1040 starting at $86.25, including one state return. What we provide our valuable clients is:

• The expertise of professionals that work with the knowledge of IRS and Federal Tax Laws and our entire team specializes in personal income tax services.

• Our team is composed of experienced professionals to handle all aspects of personal taxation services related to your reporting and return filing.

• The data you provide will remain completely secure and will not be disclosed in any way with anyone else. We value the trust of our clients’ place in our personal tax services, and we always keep that trust.

• Our services make it easy for our clients to work with us and share all the information online, so you do not have to make any complicated calculations. Let us handle all that.

• We provide support for all personal taxation services that include advice and tax assistance all year round.

• Our clients have always preferred our services because we make our service quick and easy to understand.

• Authorized IRS e-filer for quick services needed online.

At BoswickTax, we guarantee you an efficient and easy individual tax preparation service with which you will receive a 100% return prepared by an expert tax advisor with expertise in personal tax issues. We have an all year round service, so feel free to contact us at any time to benefit from our services. We have the expertise to make all your taxation problems easy, and we encourage you to take advantage of our year-round service.

So, act now and schedule an email, Skype, or in-office appointment. Once you’ve set your appointment, we’ll contact you and send an organizer outlining what you’ll need to provide for your appointment.