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Tax Deduction Consultants


US tax laws are very complicated, and many self-employed individuals and employees find themselves feeling panicked and uneasy when their annual tax returns are due. In most of the cases, filing tax returns proves to be a great opportunity to save money on your income taxes by deducting certain costs from the tax due on incomes – though, all too often there is doubt about what expenses are in fact eligible and to what extent they can be deducted actually. Particularly, individuals who filed a tax return for the very first time typically have more questions than answers: What, for example, private costs count as expenses? What falls into the category of income-related expenses? Which documents need to be kept and for how long? The best way to avoid the tax return dilemma is to look for the assistance of tax deduction consultants Millcreek familiar with the ins and outs of tax laws.

Founded in 2005, BoswickTax is a U.S. based accounting company providing accounting, tax, and business consultancy services to individuals, small businesses, and corporations all over the U.S. At BoswickTax, we take pride in promoting a business philosophy based on a commitment to accuracy, professionalism, and trustworthiness. Our team of professionals has profound knowledge to address compliance needs, specific challenges, and standard tax practices.

Your tax defense partners Salt Lake City will help you to prepare a complete tax return properly and with any other tax-related matters like an audit – however, one should keep in mind that a tax consultant’s assistance comes at a price. To make sure that good consultancy is not too expensive in the end, you should check tax consultancy fees in advance, before the processing costs and consultant’s fees end up eventually exceeding the possible tax savings.


How much your tax consultant’s charge depends on what type of tax consultancy you use. At BoswickTax, a tax consultant can range from a certified public accountant (CPA), paid software to assist you to file taxes, or even a tax attorney if you have more complex legal tax-related issues. The basic benchmarks for the cost of a tax consultant are their reputation and the expertise they have built up over the years. Tax deduction consultants may also charge additional costs for certain expenditures incurred in the course of their activities, like subsistence and travel expenses.

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One type of tax consultancy costs may cover income tax and the reimbursement of expenses, and it covers the following specific cost items:
• Charges for telecommunications and postal services
• Income tax: This tax may be applicable to products and services depending on the condition you run your business in
• Business trips: Daily allowance, travel expenses, absence allowance, and overnight expenses
• Document lump sum: Lump sum for the provision of electronic documents or photocopies


Tax consultant costs for this might include:
• Expert opinions: Preparation of a written expert opinion assessment with detailed explanation and research.
• Tax returns: Preparation of corporation tax, income tax, sales tax advance returns, wealth tax returns, etc.
• Other individual activities: For instance, if the tax liability estimator Salt Lake city prepares an application for adjustment of advance payments, deferment of tax liability, or amendment or cancelation of a tax assessment notice.
• Statement of retained earnings
• The surplus calculation for income from capital assets, employment, leasing, and renting: Preparation of documentation and supporting evidence for these circumstances.
• Other meetings/correspondence: The tax deduction consultant may charge additional fees for meetings with third parties related to tax matters.