Individual Income Tax Filing

Income tax filing for individuals.

Corporate Income Tax Filing

Income tax filing for corporate business owners.

Partnership Income Tax Filing

Income tax filing for partnership business owners.

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Income tax filing for prior years.


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Individual Income Taxes

Federal and State Filing


Completing your taxes is an essential civic duty that helps in keeping the economic cycle of the country running. It is something you have to do every year but is not a fun activity at all, and some may even argue that the process of filing a personal tax return is a tedious task. We’ll prepare & file your Form 1040, usually within an hour’s appointment via Microsoft Bookings.

BoswickTax offers its best tax services for the millions of US residents who are seeking help in reporting their taxes quickly and easily every year.

US Federal laws require an individual to file their personal tax returns along with other supporting documents to report their income. No matter where your residence is, you have to report your individual income tax return according to the laws and regulations enforced by the IRS.

Since our inception, we have offered our quick and easy personal tax services to individuals who were seeking taxation help or any creative financial solution. Individual tax returns are a form that a person submits to a federal, state, or taxation agency to report, calculate, and pay their taxes. The disclosure of information assists in the assessment of due taxes.

Who Should File

Most US citizens and permanent residents who work in the United State need to file federal and state income tax returns. However, you may not need to file if you didn’t make more than a certain amount for the year. This amount changes each year.

When to File

Federal and state income tax returns are generally due April 15th following the year-end. You can file as soon as January 1st, but the IRS doesn’t start processing returns until mid-February.

More Information

Contrary to popular belief, filing an income tax return may result in a tax refund rather than owing tax. For example, if your employer withheld taxes from your paycheck, you may be owed a refund when you file your taxes.

Getting Started

To get started, send us a message. We will create an online portal and then walk you through the next steps.